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This Frosty Misty Morning

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Hmmm...i sense a theme poor old Corn Crib has made it into 3 pictures in a row! This was not intentional, i promise....but just the way things worked out! I had to walk the little dog this morning...Sir Dilbert stayed over last night while my daughter attended a birthday party in Atlantic City for her twin was a very frosty morning and the sun was just starting to peek through the trees on the far side of the pond. Being the sun lover that i am, i walked in the direction of the rays of light...hoping for a few blissfully warm rays to hit me while i stood waiting for Dilly to do his thing! When i turned to take him inside, i noticed the mist rising off the pond and thought “this will make a pretty picture if i can capture it.” , so i put the leash on the ground and stood on it while i snapped a few shots, and alternately told Dilbert to sit....which he didn’t. Suffice it to say he had plenty of time to do his job before i took him back inside and put him in my studio room while i fed the cats. Apparently all the time it took me to photograph the pond and the outbuildings were not enough for the little beast and he left me a little gift on my freshly cleaned and very pretty seaside toned braided rug! He now will be put in his crate, rather than allowed to run around the house....i have enough to do without that happening anymore!

The rest of my day was spent zooming from store to store with my daughter for some last minute Christmas items, coming home and making Mini Christmas Dinner, cleaning up, setting up the tree, putting on the lights and decorations, wrapping Brittany and Russell’s last few gifts AND stocking stuffers (a tradition that i never should have started!) up yet again, and FINALLY getting to sit down at 10:15pm to check in here!

I am now going to bed....exhausted, so that when i get up we can have Mini Christmas Morning for my daughter and Russell (and Roscoe, of course!) complete with Challah Bread French Toast, a tradition my husband started on Christmas morning (and gets to do twice this year!!).....and then exchange gifts with them. They will stay to watch the Giants game (Brittany is a positively rabid Giants fan, who will be taunted by her husband, who is a Redskins fan! Personally i think they are more fun to watch than the football game!!) They will then leave for their 5+ hour drive back....and things here will settle back in to blissful quiet....and i will begin to look forward to their next arrival, before they even make it home.........after a brief intermission of me time!

Have a Blessed Sunday......and if you have a wee moment....this is much prettier in the “dark box”!

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Taken on December 16, 2011