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Under the Pier | by thruthelookingglass
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Under the Pier

Copyright Susan Ogden


Whoa......just whoa. i feel like i have been sucked into a strange parallel universe here. As though i were conked on the head and have been in some kind of coma with strange dreams happening. is not the is not is my life! I have always managed to attract things that do not seem to make sense. Things that need pondering and intense thought and things that need to be reasoned out even if they are not meant to be...that whole thing about “face value...and let it go at that”, has never worked well for me. i never left that childhood stage of “why?”.


Suffice it to say i am not ignoring you all intentionally but things are happening here that need scrutiny and comprehension...and i am doing my very best to do just that. It has potential for being something fabulous and so i am choosing not to disclose anything at the moment. Especially because the naysayers in my family will be in a complete uproar and i do not have the energy for that confrontation at the moment. I promise it could have a very nice is not serious, like a health issue, or scary...well...ok maybe a little scary!


i am reflecting things, weighing them carefully...deliberately and intensely, because there are two sides to least two!! i am smart enough to know that at least!


This photo represents my inner feelings exactly at this moment. A state of dreamy “could be”, a rush of a feeling of apprehension, and a bubbly feeling of possibility of good things leading to solid, things, but that might, in the end burst and be nothing at all.


i am here....i am just also somewhere else at the moment...but it is, so far, somewhere that might lead to somewhere very good!!



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Taken on February 10, 2016