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greed1 in Linden Street, Hayes Valley (part 3/4)

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As greed1 proceeds, joggers and hipsters, tourists and transplants slow down to curiously peer at this broad-daylight, anonymous installation of street art. A curly-haired hipster, coffee in hand approaches to ask a question.


"Hey, uh - how do you do this? Do you need permission to do this?"


greed1, focusing on pasting a piece, replies.


"The owner of the wall knows of me - he knows I'm a local, so he's ok with it."


greed1 has ended up in various confrontations with the police five times. He was somewhat bemused by the aggressive San Francisco Graffiti Task Force.


"Of all the things to fix in the city", he says "why put so much money into tackling something as minor as graffiti?"


He explains how it's had a chilling effect on the local street art scene.


"Before 2005, the graffiti task force kept an eye on you but only came after you if they thought the cleanup cost more than $10 in a year - now the limit is $400 and it's a class 1 felony."


"That's intense."


"Thing is, the way it works is that the artists that get respect are the ones who get held up like this and still keep going."


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Taken on February 19, 2012