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    Blog post & full story here.

    Shooting from the hip in Rajkot, India; as seen in the market district.

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    1. BBluesman 90 months ago | reply

      Namaste-I'm not sure but gonna have to vote save. I apologize for not having cool kitten bling or having watched slumdog like the slice of life though old boy and if a hip shot will give some <3 for that-save

    2. ksuwildkat 90 months ago | reply


      going to be harsh - the image doesn't make me want to click on the story
      not quite enough "I want to know more"
      and I dont like watermarks

    3. Dave Morrow Photography 90 months ago | reply

      i like the image and the facial expression.. he looks worried or sad

      -Voted "save3" (by the Hot Box Uncensored Group)

    4. liber 90 months ago | reply

      too centered


    5. clickchick888 90 months ago | reply

      very boring image. while the left side is good, the stuff on the right is very distracting delete3

    6. Matthias Rhomberg 90 months ago | reply

      he's lit from the wrong side


    7. Thomas Hawk 90 months ago | reply

      background's a bit busy on the right but the strength of the figure holds.

      -Voted "save4" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

    8. Jonathan Goody 90 months ago | reply

      nice, but not great

      -Voted "delete5" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

    9. dreboy 90 months ago | reply

      I like the shot but I know you have better work to post.

      -Voted "delete6" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

    10. Ivan Makarov 90 months ago | reply

      may need to read a story, but not in the mood for a link clicking today.

      -Voted "delete7" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

    11. misund007 90 months ago | reply

      don't think the side profile is working that well here


    12. Eugene Gannon 90 months ago | reply

      The red takes away from the subject

    13. nixter 90 months ago | reply

      "bata" out the back "dsar" out the front. too much text behind man

      -Voted "delete10" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

    14. StefanB 90 months ago | reply

      Rather busy background.

      -Voted "delete11" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

    15. giovencato 90 months ago | reply

      seems casual

      -Voted "delete12" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

    16. hfmsantos 90 months ago | reply


      -Voted "delete13" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

    17. adameros 90 months ago | reply

      Cunt-tastic! This crap is perfect for the hotbox!

      -Voted "save5" (by the HBU flickr_ratr app)

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