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lese majeste

True story from San Francisco: The San Andreas fault line runs nearly right underneath San Francisco; this, combined with the high population density and proliferation of cellular transmission networks has led to a gradual but definite cracking of the space-time continuum. In parts of the city, physical dimensions are exchanged for time (this is why when you decide to walk to the next bus stop instead of waiting the bus will arrive just before you get there). A notorious spot for this is in and around the Embarcadero center, where the dimensional folding is prolific. As I was lining up to get this shot, Emperor Norton stepped one foot to the left, 135 years forward and ten feet straight down onto the walkway next to me. There was a jarring crunching of bone as he hit the concrete; this didn't seem to deter him from staggering to his feet and drunkenly accusing me of Lèse majesté. I could faintly hear his accusations of treason against the empire as he fell, pitching forward over the walkway wall and back into what was presumably his own time-stream. Be careful out there, folks.


Taken with the tasteless bendycam 19.

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Taken on September 9, 2010