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"Vortex" MECS

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Name: the "vortex" Magnetic Energy Channeling System (MECS)

Manufacturer: Cinnamon P. arms in conjunction with Shadowcaster arms

Rate of fire: 2 RPM

Wheight: 5 Kg unloaded - 1-3 Kg loaded (energy cells create gravitational anomalies around them)


this weapon fires a large blast of energy that destroys anything in its path, and leaves a gravitational anomaly as a signature, its often used by snipers because of its laser-like accuracy and its firepower, the fire rate, trough, leaves much to be desired, it needs to charge up first and then empty the cell, reloading is also awkward and slow.

This weapon is a modernization of sorts to the higly popular "YANG" sniper rifle.

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Taken on February 14, 2010