A Night at Mt. Rainier - Part 11 - 1:01am

I just spent the last couple of hours taking 20 minute shots. I would have loved to take a longer exposure but there were too many clouds and I didn't want to risk ending up with a shot that was nothing but. I decided to take them all back to back without using long exposure noise reduction. That way, if it turned out that they weren't too cloudy, I would be able to stack them in Photoshop later. It didn't work out, they were too cloudy. They all had clouds in different areas and if I stacked them the whole shot would be nothing but clouds everywhere with spotty star trails peeking through. They all look pretty good individually, but I didn't like any of them better than my previous post. The light and weather stayed pretty constant between 11 and 1 so they were all very similar. I didn't have much to do while taking such long exposures so I wandered around in the starlight and enjoyed a 24oz Rainier tall boy that I'd picked up at a gas station on my way in. It seemed appropriate. I was getting kind of antsy wanting go somewhere else, but I wanted to stay up here until the moon rose at 1:30. I don't have long to wait now.


So now the wind has finally stopped blowing. The moon is about to rise in the East and it is beginning to light up the clouds.


70 seconds, f/4.0, ISO 6400


Sorry for posting 6 shots with almost identical compositions but I figured it would be worthwhile for some folks to see how much difference the time of day/night makes. Also, I was reluctant to screw with my Gorillapod a second time. Either that or too lazy. I'm going to go with reluctant. I hadn't used a Gorillapod with this camera before and It was a pain in the ass. It wasn't strong enough to support the weight of the camera so I had to wrap it around a rock. I guess I could have moved the rock it was wrapped around... but I was too lazy ; )

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Taken on September 3, 2010