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My daughter and I stopped at a park on the way home this afternoon.I had been wanting to stop here to get pics of all the people on the water sail boarding.It's quite the sight to see so many out there and today was a perfect day for it. But...there were a few dozen ducks here and I started taking pics of them instead.Only realized when we left that I hadn't even taken one pic of the sail boards. Luckily,I had jusy bought a loaf of bread and we took a few slices to feed the ducks.Nice,healthy 12 grain bread no less,lol,Rather my daughter fed the ducks while I took pics,lol.She had them dashing all over the place to get to the piece of bread first.Will post some action shots later.They didn't come out perfect but I couldn't see where she would be throwing the bread as I kept the camera to my eyes the whole time and never knew in which direction they would take off to,lol.Boy,can they move!!! Anyway,these are the first ducks we saw before I remembered the bread in the car.The best way to get pics of ducks is to make them come to you to eat.My daughter tried to feed them by hand and they quickly moved away scaring the heck out of her,lol.It was a miracle she didn't fall in the water!! Anyway,as soon as she started throwing the bread again,back they came :-) !!!

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Taken on July 26, 2012