Rotring 600 fountain pen - my all time favourite pen

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    solid heavy weight all metal fountain pen - with an extra fine nib - the black hexagonal body has worn nicely and all the edges are now a thin worn away silver line.....

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    1. mjvesuvius 87 months ago | reply

      Yeah, nice shot. Love the patina! I have one with a medium 18K gold nib. Smooooth. And the tough exterior means you can carry it in your jeans pocket, with change, pocket knife, whatever.

      Only drawback: the balance ain't so great when writing with the cap on the end. So i leave it off.

    2. Rafael Edwards 82 months ago | reply

      I just cleaned mine after years of not using it, but the ink won't flow. I soaked it in warm water and household ammonia. What am I doing wrong?
      how do you take off the nib? pull or unscrew?

    3. gnawledge wurker 82 months ago | reply

      hmmm, not sure I have never had mine apart. perhaps you could immerse it longer in the cleaning solution you tried?

    4. rautiocination 82 months ago | reply

      Mine got clogged something awful with what was either sumi-e or india ink, and i just manged to get it unclogged with ammonia and hot water. It works perfectly now!

      I'm lucky since I have a refillable cartridge, so I just used the fill/empty mechanism to push the solution through the pen. It was clogged at first but soon it cleared out.

      Mine has a 18k Fine tip btw . . . best pen I've ever owned.

    5. gnawledge wurker 82 months ago | reply

      mine has wandered off somewhere among my papers and stuff, thanks for posting your comment, you have jogged my memory to get down to relocating it among my clutter

    6. Rodney B. Elliott [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

      The fine-nibbed silver Rotring 600 I owned as a student started to leak after a month or so. I got a replacement nib under warranty which also leaked. I then paid extra for a fine gold nib, which of course also leaked. So after demanding a full refund, I brought a LAMY Aluminium series pen which has never leaked, despite the tremendous amount of abuse I have given it. The Rotring 600 may be a design classic, but from my experience, the engineering behind it is gargage.

    7. gnawledge wurker 79 months ago | reply

      rodney, sorry it didnt work out for you, I hope the Lamy serves you long and well

    8. font9a 72 months ago | reply

      beautiful pen, beautiful shot. I used to write with Rotring IsoLiners since back in middle school. Yeah — I was that kid into all that art rock and punk rock and graphic design. Spilling ink on my work became my new favorite thing.

      Then, after taking notes and penning papers all in longhand (architect's style) I got my Science Degree! And guess what? I'm a designer doing the arts and still designing and doing the arts with my favorite tools… 25 years later. Relying on the old friends.

      I must photorepresent my red ring homeies now.

      Tschuss! Bonn Bonn!

    9. gnawledge wurker 72 months ago | reply

      thanks for stopping by. It amazes me how much attention this photo and this fountain pen have drawn here. as of March 21, 2010 there have been 8243 views since it was posted on July 11, 2006.

      There are a lot of Rotring fans out there.

      Most recently I have noticed that my pen has developed a mildly annoying trait. The cap has been removed so many times now that ift really doesn't lock tight anymore and the cap comes free. So far I haven't had this happen in my pocket resulting in a heavy duty ink stain, but it may be a matter of time before it strikes. Other than that it keeps on working just fine..

    10. suehawkins 64 months ago | reply

      Wow! That is one well-loved pen. I used to use Rotring rapidograph-type pens. They weren't as nice as the K&E or Staedtler -Mars ones, but still pretty decent and affordable, too.

    11. Redfire2222 61 months ago | reply

      I have the Rotring 600 fountain pen (medium nib), the ballpoint and the rollerball in silver which I bought back in the middle 80s. And I've also got a fountain pen (fine nib), a ballpoint and a pencil in black, that somebody gave me shortly afterwards.

      I've used both fountain pens to destruction. After a couple of years, both pens needed constant cleaning as the ink would gum up the carrier and nib assembly. I would apply a watchmakers screwdriver to a slot underneath the back of the carrier (the nib sits on top of this) and gently pull the unit out of the pen body, where it could be soaked in warm water. When clean, it was carefully slid back into the body and was good for go again.

      Both pens now have no ink carriers as they had become brittle and have broken, and there is only the fine nib left as the other one suffered damage to the point. Both caps became loose over time and that's how one of the nibs became broken. I have a collection of bits now in a glass jar, possibly waiting for spare parts.

      The silver rollerball pen is designed just like the fountain pen except for the 'nose cone' which houses the cartridge. It is like new and would work fine if I bought a new refill for it.

      The pencil shares the ballpoint's design, and both the pencil and ballpoint are pretty much indestructible. I use these a lot. My black ballpoint was quite scuffed and abused, so, as an experiment I decided to strip the colour coating off it to reveal the brass underneath. The pen body was soaked in paint stripper for two months. When cleaned up, the pen was exactly the same as before it went into the paint stripper. As I said, these particular pens are pretty much indestructible.

    12. mgiese1 58 months ago | reply

      What is the dial at the top, with all the letters? Please reply to

    13. rexxitall 56 months ago | reply

      Just send them back to rotring germany if they are broken or needs maintenance

    14. gsrao1 47 months ago | reply

      where to get these pens? any cash on delivery facility?

    15. gnawledge wurker 32 months ago | reply

      the dial with letters is a manually set reminder of whch nib Fine, EF extra fine M medium, that you have installed in your pen. Seems to assume you have more than one pen, doesn't it?

    16. aldebaran's weblog 28 months ago | reply

      I was just doing some research of my own Rotring 600 fountain pen and came upon your picture. I have a 1st generation silver one. I will treasure it even more now!

    17. gnawledge wurker 28 months ago | reply


    18. oneirish 7 months ago | reply

      Just ordered my first NOS 600 Fine today, they are a fortune now! Rotring please bring this classic back to life..

    19. gnawledge wurker 7 months ago | reply

      I agree to notion they bring them back.

    20. orinoko42 7 months ago | reply

      I had one too. It was too heavy and the feed was awful. It looked good though.

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