Easter 2016
The Church begins the celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord with the solemn Easter Vigil, usually celebrated late at night on Holy Saturday. The Vigil consists of the Liturgy of Light, the reading of the Prophecies, the Baptismal Liturgy and the celebration of Holy Mass.

As the people gather outside of the church, a fire is lit. The celebrant then blesses the fire and lights the Paschal Candle- the symbol of Christ, the Light of the world, and inscribes upon it the actual date, saying: 'Christ, yesterday and today, the beginning and the ending. To Christ belongs all time and all the ages; to Christ belongs glory and dominion now and forever. Amen'. Then the Candle is carried into the church, filling it with light, and the people proceed inside holding tapers lit from the holy fire. Then the deacon chants the 'Exsultet'- an ancient hymn of praise honoring the marvelous happenings of the Easter Night. Seven scriptural Prophecies are then read- biblical passages which had prophecied the comming of the Lord. The Alleluia is sung for the first time since the beginning of Lent. After the Gospel and sermon, the Baptismal Liturgy begins, in which the people present in church are reminded of the time when they themselves received this holy Sacrament, and renew their baptismal promises. After the blessing of new baptismal water, Baptism is administered to the Catechumens and Candidates are received into the Church. Then follows the celebration of Holy Mass.

At St. John Cantius, this year's Easter Vigil was celebrated by the Rev. Bishop Joseph Perry. The Bishop administered the sacraments of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation to this year's Catechumens.
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