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Personal Journey...

How ironic...we headed south for Holidays last year, (instead of British Columbia), heading for Waterton Lakes National Park, because the weather in BC was supposed to be awful, and we'd never been to Waterton. It turned out that the weather we encountered was among some of the worst we'd seen. (And we've seen some pretty bad weather).


Also, the truck kept having all sorts of issues that kept us in places like Red Deer, Alberta, and Okotoks, and we never ended up making it to Waterton... (made me end up thinking, maybe it wasn't meant to be?)


One thing I learned last year, is that the journey not only isn't always about the destination, sometimes it's not even about the journey...


I learned a lot about myself last summer when we were stuck in Okotoks for a week, while they were trying to figure out what was wrong with the truck, and were fixing it, that I think of Holidays 2011 as my "personal journey". ♥


Another positive side-note is, that I learned a lot about southern Alberta, saw some great sites I may never have paid as much attention to, and fell in love with Okotoks, and its people. ♥


As I write this today, (on my birthday March 2nd), reflecting on my now 48 years :-o, I realize & continue to learn so many lessons from our "Holidays" last year...

- I am so blessed. - ♥

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Taken on July 18, 2011