Something Rich and Strange

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    I just received this gorgeous girl from Dollzone, and I have to say its the first doll that's left me at a complete loss for words...

    Her sculpting and casting is just unbelievably delicate and expressive. She always looks like she is moving.

    I've named her Anomie Belle...

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    1. TheSamiAwesome 28 months ago | reply

      oh wow she is beautiful!

    2. datumzinebeautifulmemories 28 months ago | reply

      have to ask though before i forget how is the thickness on the resin is it thin think or somewhere inbetween i know dollzone normally does dolls that can handel most play but how much for this one just in your opion

    3. Eva_F11 28 months ago | reply

      She's amazing!

    4. Flor Dias - B.D.C. 28 months ago | reply

      She s really gorgeous!

    5. ashley(A HUO) 28 months ago | reply

      beautiful work!!!

    6. Sara-Meow 28 months ago | reply

      Oh WOW! She's amazing!!

    7. Bluoxyde 28 months ago | reply

      The blank doll itself is really incredible, it must be such a delight to work on! :3

    8. w3ird37 28 months ago | reply

      OMG she's amazing!

    9. Peace2818 28 months ago | reply

      WOW!! I'm speechless!! She is absolutelly fascinating! Congratulations! WOW!

    10. SillyLady 27 months ago | reply

      I bet she will be even more breathtaking once you are done with her! Can't wait to see!! <3

    11. candygears 27 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments!

      She's pretty fragile - definitely if she fell over, something would probably break. But she's study enough that I'm not too worried about posing her for photoshoots.

    12. datumzinebeautifulmemories 27 months ago | reply

      thankyou i have been very curious about her sense i saw the photos on the website but seeing her in your care i cant wait to see what will be done. lol its kinda like hound i want to own him but lol he hates me i owned him once and couldnt get the same depth as others

    13. liquiriziadolly 27 months ago | reply

      OMG! This is out of this world!

    14. Two-otaku 27 months ago | reply

      Take your time creating her...... ti's going to be most wonderful. This is perfect for you!

    15. Hiritai 27 months ago | reply

      I can't wait to see what you do with her! She's amazing just blank, and you have this midas touch. It's going to be fantastic to see her move through your creative hands!

      (with the amount of stalking I do, I can't believe I hadn't added you! x.x )

    16. Enchanticals ~I'm Coming Back 27 months ago | reply

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