Become Captain
Become Captain,
Game Gazer exhibition at Swissnex SanFrancisco, during GDC 2013
25 mars – 6 avril 2013
Become Captain is an interactive installation, like a battleship game. The players want to conquer a unknown territory. To begin, the players choose your camp, take a sheet of paper, and fold it into a own boat. When the 2 boats touch the water, the battle begins !
To win, hit the enemy boat 3 times ! But.. To do that, the players have ONE weapon : your breath !
A missile turns around the boat and the players blow when they want to launch it.
Media design & art direction : Camille Morizot (Media Design Student at HEAD-Geneva)
Interactive developer : Pierre Rossel
Teachers : Daniel Sciboz, Camille Scherrer, Douglas E. Stanley
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