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    Leica M6 + Summicron 35 asph / Tri X 400

    The last picture of NYC in what I took during my journey in Montreal and NYC in April 2012... 3 days in NYC, more than 30 hours spent walking in the streets of Manhattan, mostly, from 6 am on the first day till 11 pm on the 3rd, with my Leica M6 around the neck, 5 rolls of film, and 42 shots worth the upload on Flickr... When I see this, these 4 or 5 pictures that I would definitely put in my selection if I was preparing an exhibition (I'd rather say, 4 or 5 pictures that will be in my first exhibition! Let's be ambitious!), I can't help but thinking NYC makes photographers better in what they do... At least that's how it works for me... The only question left, is when will I come back there?

    1. visible-spectrum 31 months ago | reply

      Must disagree. There is no question that the city is electric, but it makes things no easier for the photographer. As you pointed out a couple of posts back, it is difficilissimo to get a street shot without something in the frame to ruin it. There are many cities more beautiful to look at (including Montréal), more personal (Paris, Algiers, Osaka), less oppressive. Went to the Weegee show yesterday: he had to shoot the dead to make a living! It's not the city, it's the photographer. I think your NYC photos are excellent, but so are your Montreal and Paris photos. I look forward to your gallery show!

    2. Airicsson 31 months ago | reply

      Thanks a lot! To correct a little bit what I was writing, I'd rather say that taking pictures in NYC is as much a struggle as it is in other cities, it doesn't look good just because it is in NYC, but in my case, I feel more "energic" in NYC, maybe it's just because when I'm there, I know it won't last for a long time, but I still think there's something more with this place. I mean, I like to think that there is some kind of irrationnality that makes me a better photographer there, even though I know it's pretty rational... There are a lot of beautiful places there, a lot of people, if you spend a lot of time in the streets, you will take good pics... That's it...
      But I disagree when you say NYC is oppressive. It's funny how I would apply his word to Paris!

      About Weegee, I saw this show at the ICP back iin April. Great exhibit!

    3. Yubai K 30 months ago | reply

      I think ages are needed to properly shoot a city and NYC might be one of the most difficult to get. What I like in your NYC pictures is that we can, at least feel it.

    4. .sl. 26 months ago | reply

      Joli portrait de rue, Camille.

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