Tight Urbanism
AIA (American Institute of Architects) Seattle’s Design Gallery will feature an exhibit by AIA Seattle Emerging Professionals Travel Scholarship recipient Daniel Toole. Daniel travelled to Chicago, San Francisco, Melbourne, Osaka and Kyoto – cities that continue to transform their alley networks – to study the potentially vibrant in-between spaces of the built environment. The exhibit will connect Daniel’s findings to the less-travelled paths of Seattle’s own abundant alleyways.

Utilizing several mediums, including photographs, sketches, video, and physical models, the exhibit is mounted on shipping pallets and casters to keep it mobile and modular. After its run at AIA Seattle, the exhibit will be displayed in situ in alleys throughout the city to catalyze development in these spaces. The first such display will be in Canton Alley in the International District, on Saturday, July 16.
Also in conjunction with the exhibit will be two walking tours coordinated by the Seattle Architecture Foundation, a small independent booklet launch, and various community events.
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