Gisimba Memorial Center 2006
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Thanks to Damas Gisimba, there is so much joy and possibility at this orphanage where nearly 200 children 2 - 22 live a safe life, and look forward to a future of peace and prosperity.

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If you are interested in sponsoring an orphan at Gisimba Memorial Center, direct contact information is listed below.
Ildephonse Niyongana - Director
Damas Gisimba - Founder
Gisimba Orphanage
B.P. 1433 Kigali Rwanda

Ave de la Nyarugenge
District of Nyarugenge
tel +250 08524515 or +250 08532596

Bank of Kigali 040-0013914-76
swift BK IG RWRW

Additional information can also be found on

Or you can also visit "Orphans of Rwanda" ( )
who are helping older orphans receive a university education.

Africa, June 2006.

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