"The Noël Orphanage was founded in 1955 by Mgr. Bigirumwami, bishop of Nyundo from 1952 until 1973. It got the name ‘Noël’ because it received the first children on Christmas day. It was meant to take care of sick children, who didn’t have a mother anymore.


During the war in Rwanda from April 1994 until September 1994 the children and the headmistress Athanasie remained in the refugee camp of Goma (Congo). Thanks to the dedication of Athanasie and the help of friends, the children of the Orphanage Noël escaped the genocide. Athanasie had fled with 59 children and when she returned to Nyundo in September 1994 there were 230 orphans. In November 1995 there were 550 orphans. In 2010, there are nearly 700 orphans being cared for by the orphanage, as well as a number of physically and mentally disabled.


Sixteen years after the genocide the number of young orphans is increasing, but now as a consequence of aids. One of the biggest supporters of the Orphanage Noel is The Point Foundation, based in the UK. Over the last few years, The Point Foundation has built new shower and toilet blocks, refurbished buildings, helped with funding for daily needs such as foods, medicines, clothing, shoes, bedding, and in October 2010, opened a library for the children."


Nyundo, Rwanda.

August 9, 2011.


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