Tags: Keywords to describe digital objects

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    I'm in production on this one. Pondering some editing ... when you give a punch line both verbally and visually -- do you give both at the same time or do a one -two.

    My tagging screencast

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    1. eschipul 103 months ago | reply

      Interesting physical demonstration of tagging. This would be great on a keynote slide to explain folksonomy.

    2. cambodia4kidsorg 103 months ago | reply

      Yes, I'm using it on a screencast I'm doing on tagging/socialbookmarking and knowledge management for small nonprofits.

      I'm hitting a big wall with the screencast in that I want to do some story telling that isn't about looking at computer software and trying to find the best way to integrate visuals and real life video. My problem is that Camtasia editor isn't good for that -- or I'm not not experienced in video editing. I'm crazed over this ... any words of advice?

    3. eschipul 103 months ago | reply

      Beth - I don't use Camtasia (yet?) so I guess I can't specifically answer that question. One idea that I tried to explain the value of tagging to a mostly offline group was to correlate tag clusters with mind mapping for creative brainstorming.

      Pick a tag - say "love" and search it in flickr.
      that is the start of the diagram. Clusters appear as:

      Extend the mind map by searching for each of those tags and finding the resulting clusters. Etc.

      While I am not a film maker it seems to me those would be good visuals if shown in series.

      Or just hire David Hasselhoff and everyone will love the video regardless.

      Good luck with your video and hopefully my comments aren't too random and off topic!

    4. cambodia4kidsorg 103 months ago | reply

      Very helpful! My problem was technical and I had the content and visuals - I did it with sharpies. I figured out a way to do it ... I'm still in production, but hopefully the screencast will be out in day or so.

    5. cambodia4kidsorg 103 months ago | reply

      One exercise I did in a face-to-face training - was to have people use paper tags and write three words that described their passions - and then find someone in the room with a similar tag and have a conversation about the topic. -- with the idea that the definition of tags is that they connect people with other people who share their interests ...

    6. Graeme West 100 months ago | reply

      Hey - very nice visual metaphor. Duly marked as a favourite.

      I used the thumbnail version (credited and linked back) in a blog entry on tagging - hope this is okay.


    7. cambodia4kidsorg 100 months ago | reply

      it should be "by" - just link it to my blog

    8. Graeme West 100 months ago | reply

      Changed the link - Cheers.

    9. cambodia4kidsorg 99 months ago | reply

      Well, the screencast has finally been approved!

    10. AlpenaMi 95 months ago | reply

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      and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    11. cambodia4kidsorg 95 months ago | reply

      sure .. send me an invite to join

    12. AlpenaMi 90 months ago | reply

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    13. gardenwife 88 months ago | reply

      Your photo here was just the thing to explain the basics of tags. I've linked to this post from a discussion of introducing them at a site I use! Thanks for the great visual!

    14. cambodia4kidsorg 88 months ago | reply

      Glad it was useful. I'm trying to raise money for the Sharing Foundation to support Cambodian children. If you feel the photo was o fvalue, I hope that you wll consider donating $10 to my fundraisier

    15. Alex Halavais 75 months ago | reply

      This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for CC licensing it.

      Unfortunately, I know it was exactly what I was looking for because I found it here first:


      and without attribution :(.

    16. ezcomefurniture.com 59 months ago | reply

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