Geneva 2007, English Girls' College {EGC} Alexandria, Xmas lunch and tea party
There is a large contingent of EGC Old Girls in Switzerland. Most are in Geneva and Lausanne with a small number in the German-speaking areas of Zurich and Basel. One or two live across the borders in France. I have located some descendants in the Ticino too!

Our long-term rep. in Switzerland was Francine Joseph [Murphy] who resigned to concentrate on Pattes Tendues [animal therapy for patients in hospitals, clinics, old age homes etc]:

She was ably assisted by Claudie Dambach [Wouters].

The new reps are Sylvia Sinigalia [Smouha] and Mona Totah [De Weck].

Every year the Swiss EGC Old Girls have a Xmas lunch which is always delightful, with delicious food and and well-attended.

In 2007, it was held on Dec 7th
at Hotel du Bois, Ave de la Paix and we all enjoyed the foie gras, followed by fillet steak and fruits with sorbet and coffee.

The lunch was followed by a visit to the Museum Ariana where there was a beautiful exhibition called "La fôret de verre" - the work of the French glass sculptor, "Marcoville".
I have related his sculptures to the EGC and its diaspora!

Present at the reunion were:
Hala Sheikh el Ard
Hatoun Sheikh el Ard;
Molly Ayoub [Angelil]
Dorothy Bianchi [Nagel]
Gladys Bianchi [Camilleri]
Monique Brunner [Bless]
Sandra Camilleri [daughter of Gladys!]
Celia Cohen [Male]
Claudie Dambach [Wouters]
Sophie Desta;
Katherine Kaplun
Jackie Klat [Cooper]
Christiane Mabro
Aliki Saraffy
Sylvia Sinigalia {Smouha]
Manuela Suares
Betsy Takla
Mona Totah [de Weck]

Francine Joseph [Murphy] and Vera Debbas {Gowlland] joined another EGC party on Saturday night!

We missed regulars and "not so regulars": Marina Benaki; Doris Escher [Rohner], Claude Mussawir, Francine Joseph [Murphy]; Daniela Levi [Eigenheer], Diane Levi [Abecassis], Dagmar Mabro, Sylvie Nader [Chapatte], Ava Nadler and Thea Pialopoulo [Zoupanos], Esther Zimmerli [Hardman], Dina Stavrou {Kalman] and Liselotte Wichser [Geahel] .

Our EGC artist in Geneva, Eliane Dorra [Loeffler] could not make it either but you can look at her website here:

NB married names are given in brackets.
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