Ivanovice na Hané/Eiwanowitz, Moravia - Jewish cemetery photographed and researched by Harold Chipman & Celia Male
I stumbled across this derelict Moravian Jewish cemetery {Location: 49º19 17º06, 40 km NE of Brno}.when we stopped at an AGIP petrol station on the road [route 47]
past Vyskov/Wischau on the way to Holesov/Holleschau, Czech Republic. It is *not* sign-posted.

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The cemetery is 3,852 square metres in area and the earliest tombstones are from the early 19th century, according to Jan Herman {Jewish Cemeteries in Bohemia and Moravia}.
It is easily missed as hardly any of the tombstones are upright. It is behind the petrol station in a field and in a very poor state. It urgently needs some restoration and cleaning up. The terrain is a bit undulating and boggy.

The Vyskov community was at first administered by the community at Ivanovice/ Eiwanowitz but after 1891 it became automonous [Source J Fiedler "Jewish Sights of Bohemia and Moravia".

The Jewish communities in both places were rather small.

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Ivanovice was the birthplace of historian Gustav KARPELES [father Elijah]

11 Nov 1848 Ivanovice -1909 Berlin?
Gustav was editor of "Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums."

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Known to be buried in this cemetery
Rabbi Leopold Eisler Dr.{hebrew name Juda-Leibusch Eisler} born 11. Feb. 1825 in Boskovice (Boskowitz), Moravia - died 20. June 1909 in Ivanovice na Hané (Eiwanowitz).

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