Eisenstadt, Burgenland - Jewish Community {Eisenstadt/Asch} and Joseph Haydn's musical summer residence at the court of Count Esterházy
I visited Eisenstadt on Sunday 25 March 2007, but I had visited many years previously and had a tour of the castle itself.

The Jewish Museum was closed till May. The local museum was open - it was originally Sandor Wolf's home. [check his name on: AEIOU Austria. This museum is also worth a visit.

Sandor was an academic as well as a wine wholesaler - he died in Haifa in 1946 after he escaped from the Burgenland where his home and collections were stolen from him.

He was particularly interested in the Roman settlements in the area and contributed to a book [Kubitschek, Wilhelm (HRSG.). Römerfunde von Eisenstadt. Mit einem Beitrage von Sándor WOLF - Wien, Filser
1926] and worked with Wachstein on the tombstone inscriptions of the old Jewish cemetery in Eisenstadt.

Eisenstadt had a particular fascination for me as Haydn come very near the top of my favourite composers.. and some days he is right at the top. Papa Haydn is one of my heroes. He received a degree at Oxford University [see plaque above] - just like me - and he lived in Eisenstadt in the summer months working for his employer Count Nikolaus Esterházy [the benevolent Schutzherr of the Jews of Eisenstadt] and I fantasise that he met some of my relatives as he strolled around the small town and became increasingly bored, longing to return to Vienna and its rich cultural and social life.

The Jews of Eisenstadt were called Esterházy Schutzjuden {under the protection of Count Esterházy]. Some had moved there when expelled from Vienna and also from Nikolsburg/Mikulov {Moravia}. The community was founded originally in the 1300s and was called ASCH in Hebrew [acronym for Eisenstadt] .

Eisenstadt and the Burgenland used to part of Hungary, but much to the chagrin of the Hungarians, this area has now been ceded to Austria.
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