Sephardic Graves - Vienna, Zentralfriedhof, photographed & researched by Celia Male
These are just a very few of the very many Sephardic graves in this huge Jewish cemetery - Gate I is the older part; Gate IV is the newer part. See the maps at the end. The graves are numbered according to Gate [Tor] No I or IV. Thus, Tor IV 9 5 45 means Gate IV
Group 9 {see map} Row 5 Grave 45. You have to do a lot of counting to find the graves. Sometimes the four outside rows are numbered sequentially, just to confuse you.

Here is an interesting German article on the Sephardic Community in Vienna:

The births in the Turkish/Sephardic Viennese community have been transcribed by Mathilde Tagger and are indexed here;

I am gradually adding the linked births to the appropriate tombstones.

Please note the pictures at the end taken in the historic Währingerfriedhof.
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