Memphis Preparatory School - Alexandria, Egypt 1932-1956
25 March 2008: Memphis pupils found

STOP PRESS: Derek and John LATTEY just found after 70 years..
Sadly Derek died in Summer 2009.

This research confirms my suspicion that childhood memories under the age of seven are hard to resurrect unless reinforced in later years. So far, few children have been identified. I have to go from one identified child to another to obtain, hopefully, just one more name.
Memphis Preparatory School, Alexandria, Egypt. - patrons Mr and Mrs K. P. Birley.
Principal Miss C.M Dixon

It was located at 75 Rue Memphis, Ibrahimieh, Alexandria, Egypt Tel: 27683

Memphis Preparatory School was probably founded in 1932 or thereabouts. The reason I know this is because the 1937 Prize Distribution in March 1937 is said to be the *5th*.

Thus this little school pre-dated the English Girls' College by three years.

Miss Catherine M Dixon was the headmistress for the lifetime of the school. Miss Dixon herself lived at 5 Rue St Saba and as late as 1953 had the same telephone number as the school.

Many of the pupils went on to the English Girls' College, Victoria College, British Boys' School and The Scottish School.

Memphis Preparatory School was in fact an old-fashioned Dames' School.

The whole school was located in a single hall - St Mark's Church Hall - and all the different classes
[about 4 ] had their own desks and teachers.

My brother Michael Cohen attended this school before he went to Victoria College. I think he was very happy there and I used to fetch him after school with my German nanny!

Memphis Preparatory School - Alexandria, Egypt 1932-1956

See at the end, the programmes of the school plays, which lists many of the early pupils.

The Egyptian Gazette article also highlights some names.
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