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    1/5 for taking in

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    1. Veronica- 73 months ago | reply

      I love this set! :D

      Sorry your work is being stolen on deviantart! :\

    2. calonyr11 73 months ago | reply

      thank you to everyone who helped reporting the stolen image on deviantArt!

    3. calonyr11 73 months ago | reply

      i've been getting messages asking what lens i use…

      this is my Nikon AI Nikkor 28mm f/3.5.

      not to be confused with the E-series version (i used to think it was but i was happily informed otherwise that it was not the E series lense). i do not reccomend using old manual lenses on any full-frame nikon cameras btw ^.^ that would be silly hehe.

    4. blue-brandon 71 months ago | reply

      Hey I just wanted to let you know that I painted this picture because I thought it was so awesome! blue-brandon.deviantart.com/art/Danbo-in-the-Rain-127554266

    5. s4ints 71 months ago | reply

      awesome.. you have another fan carolyn..

    6. andy.lin 69 months ago | reply

      cool~i really wanna get one~

    7. Juan Pablo Cambariere 69 months ago | reply

      Greta one, love this project!

    8. ¡FIJATE! +++++ 69 months ago | reply

      yeaaahh!! this project rocks!!!

    9. David Birtles 64 months ago | reply

      very kool! great shot.

    10. HoratioPositronic 64 months ago | reply

      This picture looks great as the background of my Nexus One. Much better than any of the photos I have tried taking of my Danboards.

    11. Jasmin_Schickel 62 months ago | reply

      Are relly good picture, its nice and funny! Great work!

    12. Vanesa Lee 61 months ago | reply

      very cute, I want to try something like this! ^_^

    13. *Scilvietta* 59 months ago | reply

      funny :) nice shot!

    14. Ad3S 55 months ago | reply


    15. Edwin Land 54 months ago | reply

      Thia is an AWESOME creation! I came across it on the web (on some random blog) and I used tineye to find the actual artist. I love it. Your ability to convey emotion with inanimate objects is really impressive.

      You should know, by the way, that dozens of people are using your photo without any attibution. I recently got flickr to pull down a photo someone else stole from me. You should probably do the same.

    16. أّسـٍـمَرأنٌيً ح{بـووبً.A7Bk. [deleted] 54 months ago | reply


    17. samsung1957 46 months ago | reply

      صورة جميلةجدا وانتى لطيفة

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