Communist State Building

The Empire State Building was lit up Red and Yellow tonight to "celebrate" the 60th anniversary of China.


This is extremely anit-patriotic and I think its disgraceful that in a time when the country is suffering they allow this.

  • sinoperture 6y


    You are an idiot. They are not the "Communist colours". They are the colours of good fortune and luck - red and mystic and eternal - the emporer - yellow.

    Been around a lot longer than Mao - who BTW is not responsible for China today. That honour goes to Deng Xiao Ping - who was twice purged by Mao and after he got rid of Mao he opened up the country to trade and capitalism.

    Go to school you nut job. I am a pretty conservative chap. And by that I mean let the chips fall as they may. How can you be a fox news watching conservative - but then want to interfere with world trade, world labour markets and financial systems?

    Another example of a weak, scared and self respect lacking, single language (probably over weight too) sensitive little westerner/American. Have a cry why don't you, you big girls blouse.

    You wouldn't last a week in China or the real world without your shrink wrapped food, electronics and other un needed items in the whole "Hunter Gatherer sense of survival" to quote Tyler Durden.
  • "Dolosus" AKA ~ ◄DRB► PRO 6y

    That should be a crime!!
  • Evan (Unionhawk) 6y

    Couldn't agree more. Great shot, by the way. Can't you people be just a little proud of your country?

    Somebody's gotta get fired over this one, no doubt...
  • Chris Brock PRO 6y

    You don't have to hate other countries to be proud of your own.
  • draftpodium PRO 6y

    I don't know how this relates to the administration or the white house - nor do I care about them, but I think there is something bigger to this story. I am really curious what were the owners thinking when making such a decision? Patriotic or not is not even the question, its more along the lines of - why would someone glorify the communist regime?
    Specifically someone who is in the position of wealth and power, position gained due to the western freedoms. It seems intellectually and morally dishonest. I am willing to give some sort of a break to politicians who are forced to flirt with "evil" every once in a while (although I would generally not support someone like that with my vote) - but why would a private individual, or a group of people decide to celebrate a country in which as mentioned above "they would not survive a day" is beyond me.
  • Richard Joseph PRO 6y

    It is interesting that this photo has elicited more coment than an Andy Warhol photo ever did... so well done to the photographer.

    Flickr is a community of photographers for photographers, not about politics or name calling.

    It is time we left our keyboards alone and took more photos, lets see the passion invested in photography instead. The world and the US of A is a beautiful place so lets photograph it rather than bitch about it. People say "Knowledge is Power"; wrong that is only part of Lincoln's quote "Use of knowlege is power" to quote correctly. Our knowlege is photography and we should use it in a powerful sense. Do photography proud - get out enjoy what is around you, leave political comment & bigotry to the lazy obese people in dark rooms with no life. Use your power of knowledge in photography to the betterment of everyone.
    That is what Flickr is meant for
  • Matthew Donders PRO 6y


    Thanks for the compliment -- I agree with what you said except about politics being left to lazy obese people in dark rooms. I think people need to voice their opinion on what they believe in or else nothing will change. If you believe in something, get out there and do something about it -- don't just sit there and take it.
  • Vítor Ribeiro PRO 6y

    Curious! :)
    Excellent capture!

    Seen in the interestingness archives. (?)
  • Damianos Chronakis 6y

    Nice capture!

  • Daedalus17 6y

    What??? A Private property owner put colored lights on a building!!! This is the end of America as I know it. It wasn't even to be selfish or rude? A freaking jesture of friendship. Well, in the America I know we piss on our buisiness partners doorstep. This is a sad day. Where are the days we could cut off our nose to spite our face?
  • tiny_sweet_tooth 6y

    Sinoperture, it's obvious what your "argument" consists of when all you do is resort to ad hominem attacks--attacks on a person rather than their argument (name calling). That and bringing up unrelated stuff--I didn't say anything about "interfer[ing] with world trade, world labour markets and financial systems," so what the heck are you talking about? It really says something about your debating capabilities that you rant at me with laughable cheap shots that aren't even true (which would be expected since you don't even know me).

    By the way, I didn't say red and yellow weren't important colors to the Chinese before Mao. That doesn't change the fact that the communists use them as their colors and that they are being used on the ESB to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Communist China. Red also represents communism universally, not just in China.
  • Joe Ellis 6y

    Hmm. Interesting photo, but not even close to as sickening as Glenn Beck's pure delight when the US lost its bid to host the 2016 Olympics.
  • Matthew Donders PRO 6y


    Thanks, but that is a comment for another photo and I will keep my opinion to myself on that topic as well.

    Thanks again for the comment.
  • Pedro Santos 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called 5 STARS ***** (invite your friends), and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Robert W Dickinson PRO 6y

    Mattdonders, you created quite a ruckus here, so you must be doing something right! I agree with you. It's sad to see that we honor a county that to this day oppresses some of its own citizens.
  • sinoperture 6y

    @ Tiny

    Ah classic on debate tool. Fight the debate man and not me. You removed yourself from respect when you said that (and again) that the colours are used to celebrate comunisim. The Chinese don't care or know of political systems. They are celebrating the fact that they are happy, well fed and in the last 20 years more people have been raised above the poverty line than other places in the world. They are celebrating their indigenous inventions and achievements in science, tech and space. They are celebrating the reformation of their country. They are celebrating peace for the first time in thousands of years. They are celebrating being in control of their own country for a change and not at the mercy of the Japanese, Mongolians or English.

    You want to be treated with respect and have an argument that sticks to an argument? Then start off with one and not hyperbole before you retroactively claim the moral high ground.

    I'm done with you.
  • Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 6y

    Mao Zedong - Sacred
    Symbol And
    Bloodiest Mass Killer
    New Biography Portrays Him As A Sociopath
    By Geoffrey York
    The authors are contemptuous of the naive Western politicians, including Pierre Trudeau, who were deluded by Mao's propaganda. While millions of Chinese were starving to death, the future Canadian prime minister travelled across China in 1960 "and co-wrote a starry-eyed book -- which did not say a word about famine," they say.

    Yet ordinary Chinese continue to believe that Mao was a glorious hero, as they were taught in school. "We respect and love Chairman Mao," said Jiang Chuanjia, a 65-year-oldworker from Hubei province who brought six grandchildren to the Mao mausoleum last month.

    "He was a great man."
    As they were taught in school....mmm mmm mmm sound familiar?
  • sinoperture 6y

    Snore..... what next? Free Polanski.
  • B3NL15QU4R3_N95 6y

    Hello, my name is Ben (also known as "User:Benlisquare" on Wikipedia). I was wondering if you could change the licensing for this image from "Copyright" to "Creative Commons" - this means that everyone must acknowledge that the image is owned by you and you only, however may use it for non-profit purposes. I was hoping that I could use your image in the 60th Anniversary article on the English Wikipedia. Thanks!

    Either Attribution Creative Commons or Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons will do just fine; these are the only two licences accepted by Wikipedia regarding Flickr.
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