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    1. calanan ages ago | reply

      Breaking news!

      For those following this story, the couch made so famous by jakerome:

      NO to red couches on Flickr!

      ...has just been lifted by three Utes!*

      * There is, in fact, no evidence that any member of this gang is actually enrolled at the University of Utah.

    2. sidetracker ages ago | reply

      now thats funny.

      So what happened to it?

    3. debaird™ ages ago | reply

      too funny. love that look. so very "curb your enthusiasm"......

    4. calanan ages ago | reply

      Manray and I were eating supper when we heard a commotion outside. The kids looked around as though they thought they might get yelled at. After some hesitation and maneuvering of the SUV they made haste and absconded with the beast.

    5. reseda76 ages ago | reply

      Hey! That's a Pottery Barn couch! From the winter 2003 collection!


      Thank goodness it found a new home. So sad.

    6. utdesertduo ages ago | reply

      The dude in the threesome looks most likley to have initiated the stop.

    7. JocelynneB ages ago | reply

      so that's how things are up there in salt lake? people just abandon things and other people take them at random? hmmm...

    8. JeremyHall ages ago | reply

      Nice capture to wrap up the story!
      Seen in my contacts' photos.

    9. harpy ages ago | reply

      dont you kind of wonder what happened on that couch that made someone decide to dump it on the street?

      cue the CSI theme music...hehe

    10. JocelynneB ages ago | reply

      i've always wondered what goes thru people's minds when they dump their stuff somewhere random.

      oh, oh, what about those shoes on electrical wires? aren't the moms of these kids going "where the hell are your shoes?" i mean, when i was a kid, i had ONE pair for the whole school year. no way am i throwing them on that wire.

      or when you see ONE shoe in the street or on the sidewalk. did it just fall off the dude's foot? did he not notice it was gone? i don't get it! did he get home, take off the remaining shoe, and realize the next morning that one was gone? how does this shit happen people?

      i really think a csi team needs to be called in. *i* need to know how this happens!!!

      ok, done ranting. :D

      oh, i bet michael just loves when i post on his pics! lol

    11. jakerome ages ago | reply

      I love Curb.

    12. Marcfoto ages ago | reply

      let's play "hide the couch!"

    13. ecobirdlove ages ago | reply

      Holy Cowpie ... they actually fit that in the car?!!?

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