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My Make-up for the July 3rd "Red, White and Dead" Zombie Walk/Thriller Dance in Fremont

Above: Pretty much as good as I get with making zombie faces. Enjoy the multiple band-aids. That's my idea of a joke.


SO ANYWAY. Kate (my girl) sent me an email, about a week before, with all the details for the big zombie event. I didn't really commit to doing it or not doing it - see my earlier sentiment about zombies being played out, fun not being played out, etc.


What sort of changed my mind was the fact that they were going to be hosting a huge group Thriller dance. I am coming up on 38 years old, and I have never, in my entire life, ever before learned a choreography. I guess not everybody does, but still, it seemed like something I ought to try, just once. I like learning new things, and I've never taught myself to follow some sort of disciplined, physical performance (I mean, I took tap dance classes ... in second and third grades. I don't think those count. Neither do all the Jiu Jitsu classes from junior high and high school. Basically, nothing I've ever learned while I was in school counts, and I stand by that proclamation).


My girl, being a professional dancer, has, of course, done a thousand choreographies in her lifetime, and was a huge help. I started learning the dance steps on Thursday, the day before the get-together. We spent more than two hours practicing the first half of the dance moves, then took a break to head into Seattle and grab some dinner, then came back around 11:00, whereupon I sat down and worked my way through the next half of the remaining section.


I'll spare you the details of what exactly was murderously sore the following morning. Still, after running a few errands and picking up some important supplies for the makeup (see next photo for details), I came back, and we spent another couple of hours working on the choreography for the remaining steps, and then running through the whole deal a couple of times until my cramps and fatigue encouraged me to become a Bitchy Betty about the whole thing, and we camped out in our respective bathrooms to shower, get dressed, and start fleshing out (har har) our creature makeup.


By the way, I didn't mention it up there, but I should point out now: There is something - rather understandably, possibly even predictably - both wonderful and humiliating about undertaking something with your loved one with which she possesses almost limitless experience and expertise and with which you possess zuh-eeee-roh. I've always admired and respected Kate's dancing, I've always loved learning how to tell the good dancers from the bad - or at least less experienced - dancers, and I've always loved learning the history and the depth of her discipline, but, before these last two days, I have never had the opportunity to experience firsthand the gulf between my wife's capability as a professional and, basically, mine as a guy who sometimes comes out of the bathroom before bedtime in just his underwear and a tee-shirt and does sassy dances for her entertainment across the living room. We have a jovial life. ANYWAY, what this comes down to is this: You know how great it is to watch an expert ply his or her craft? Okay, imagine you are getting to watch the inner workings and step-by-step designs of an absolute expert, while you are an absolute beginner, and that absolute expert is someone you've loved with all your heart for twenty-one years, and yet this is the first time you've found yourself in this situation.


Understandably, you fall in love all over again.


Okay, let's talk makeup techniques and how the evening actually went, NEXT POST ...

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Taken on July 3, 2009