• I'd find a way to clean up that stupid oil spill!
  • I would declare a law that states every McDonalds in the world has to give me free smoothies!
  • I would put the Bible back in schools
  • Sex before marriage? Yeahh it'd be very illegal (:
  • My laws would be written directly from the Bible.
  • Capitolism.... eh, fail. Everyone shares the wealth.
  • Cassadee Pope would gain her rightful position as Queen of the world!
  • Abortion and Divorce, wouldn't happen.
  • Kids would go to school until they're thirteen, then they would practice a trade just like back in the old days. Paddling would be legal. You do what you gotta do to keep your kids in line!! ha
  • I woud make a law stating everyone must comment my flickr pictures! haha (: (:
  • dig it. - {dramadancer1} ♥
  • Amen! - raccoon.photography
  • agree! - ALOHAEMILY
  • Ha, sooo true! - Haimill
  • Same here!!! - Send me adrift.
  • this is fantastic! - dudu munhoz
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  • aww *-* - Fernanda Wesguerber
  • Nice fingers ;) - mechulkalan
  • Best idea EVER - Katharine Hannah.
  • agree ! - fuckinheroine

246/365 - When I ruled the world (Explored!)

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Me and Cody went to the creek today,
It was verrry relaxing (;
Then I had a terrrriibblllee day at work
Then I went back to cody's for a few minutes,
He makes any bad day better (;
I don't remember if I did this tag or not,
ssooo just in case, i was tagged by www.flickr.com/photos/sophiadphotography/4798989511/
Taggs are in notes

Tag Topic: ten things I would do if I ruled the world

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  1. agnesjoseph 46 months ago | reply

    Awesome capture! Love it Love it!!!

  2. Alice...Sibley 46 months ago | reply

    Fantastic capture...absolutley brilliant! :D

  3. artland 46 months ago | reply

    This is a wonderful shot!
    You are invited to post it to:


  4. samlama 46 months ago | reply

    awesome shot !

  5. cloecreamii~♪ 45 months ago | reply

    Wowww, good job, buddy(:

  6. Jos Kuklewski 45 months ago | reply

    You can do magic!

  7. Caen Mor 44 months ago | reply

    Brilliant, vibrant action shot!

  8. LifesaStory 44 months ago | reply

    Congrats! Beautiful picture :]

  9. vermillion$baby 44 months ago | reply

    a nice photo and a creative photo....not sure how you did it....

  10. aaaamandaaaa 44 months ago | reply

    awesome movement

  11. pinkaholic [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

    Love it!

  12. turvo 43 months ago | reply


  13. k-FRED<<3 42 months ago | reply

    this picture is awesome! youre a very good photographer(:

  14. Dani.Cotton 40 months ago | reply

    this is beautiful!

  15. Ch4yc33 38 months ago | reply

    stunning. :)

  16. Caitlyn Park 34 months ago | reply

    Cool capture!
    Really nicely done!

  17. decafeined 34 months ago | reply

    Hello. I want to celebrate you for this great photography. Your work is very inspiring. Congratulations, very very successful job.

    Please visit my photostream and add me as a contact if you want.
    Have a nice day =)


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