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she's home now

On Friday night we had to rush Amanda to the the Emergency Vet Clinic, her stomach was horribly distended. Her stomach hadn't turned as it was tacked in place when she suffered torsion (bloat) back in Feb 2009. In the last 12 hours they've pumped her stomach 3 times, the vet's have now gotten her stabilized, the bloating hasn't returned but they are unsure of the cause, all x-rays have shown there is no blockage in her system............we're now just waiting to hear back from the vet.........



Thank you for all your wonderful comments, they have been very therapeutic!

Amanda is now home, she is very weak and listless, she won't touch any of the specially prepared food that we have made for her but we are hoping that she will sometime before midnight. She will most likely be on motility drugs for the remainder of her life as they will help the stomach contract which then moves the digested food further down her system. I will be spending the night by her side.


Update 2

Amanda Faye has been sleeping almost non-stop since coming home, but now when her eyes are open she looks alert. She still needs help in standing up, but once up she seems to move okay, this is a big improvement cause when we brought her home she could barely move her back legs. The other big news is she had a bite to eat for lunch and then had a cup of home cookin' for dinner tonight. Over the next couple of days we'll have to keep checking her stomach to make sure it isn't bloating.............Oh, and her tail is wagging again :^)


Update 3

What a difference even one day makes, the change in this 12yr old gal is simply amazing, she definitely has "The Force"

We are still watching for signs of bloat but I think the meds are working.


Update 4

One week later and you'd think nothing traumatic had happened to her........... :^)

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Taken on May 5, 2012