Relic's Double Chocolate Alliance
We were having a party. We needed a cake. So in honor of my (future) husband's new WoW guild--Relic, Area 52--I decided to make it an Alliance cake! (With a respectful nod to the maker of the Horde cake, which was my inspiration.) I'm just sorry only three guild members were local enough to share it with us.

This cake took me about 15 hours to bake and decorate. It is the equivalent of seven 9"x13" cakes, and it is 100% edible! (Though the fondant is meant to be removed and not eaten - there is whipped chocolate frosting underneath.) The gold and silver dusts were VERY messy. If I were to do it again I would try to be neater, but I can't imagine how.

We took a lot of pictures because once it's gone, it's gone. :(
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