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    Matthew and I.
    july 4, 2009.
    photo by belle.

    (are there any towns in the world that are entirely intact from the 1950's, and so when you enter them, it's as if you've gone back in the past?)
    i want a pastel kitchen.

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    1. SilviCi 52 months ago | reply

      You are beautiful!

    2. themysterythatneverwas 52 months ago | reply

      gosh yr gorgeous
      I want a pink bathroom

    3. Tree Castles 52 months ago | reply

      oh you're so beautiful! and your dress is wonderful. that bow. <3

    4. Wooden Walrus 52 months ago | reply

      Hello pretty girl with pretty friends.

    5. Baie. 52 months ago | reply

      You look stunning, this is such a lovely dress, as always.

    6. veryyesyes 52 months ago | reply

      You are so lovely!

    7. Kristin Cofer 52 months ago | reply

      You look like one of your characters!

    8. Wendy-Darling 52 months ago | reply

      oh i would love to live in a town like that. caitlin you are so beautiful and so are your drawings! you are such an inspiration :)

    9. Emerald*Boy 52 months ago | reply

      M is a cutie <3

    10. ukneecorn 52 months ago | reply

      hot as hell. both of you.

    11. Matrioski 52 months ago | reply

      caitlin, you look so precious!

    12. cinnamonkite 52 months ago | reply

      yes, you're a doll.

    13. Kat Kon 52 months ago | reply

      i love your dress

    14. sherbet tone 52 months ago | reply

      Still crushing on your eyebrows. And I do know that several vintage furniture stores around here carry all the neccessarys to create that kitchen from the cabinets, to the fridge. You could piece one together perhaps?

    15. Caitlin S. 52 months ago | reply

      <3 i think i need to move overseas in order to do that. australian antiques arent as good, as this country is too young. i cant imagine ever finding a pink fridge here, although im keeping my fingers crossed.

    16. artypantz 50 months ago | reply

      i love that you look like a girl from one of your drawings. i don't think i'd even seen you before. i was looking at those prints today that you sent me last year, i cherish them so.

    17. Caitlin S. 50 months ago | reply

      i'm very glad.

    18. john hanson. 50 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The Cashmere Club, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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