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Mr Bun's Big Day | by caitlinburke
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Mr Bun's Big Day

On Saturday I noticed something wrong with one of Mr Bun's claws. It looked like it was stretched and jammed into a paw pad - I wondered if maybe he'd sprained a toe launching himself off a 7-foot bookshelf. It wasn't warm or obviously tender or anything awful, and he was behaving almost 100% normally, so I decided to keep an eye on it and call the vet on Tuesday.


This morning I called the vet, and I was barely half-way through describing it when the person on the phone said I better bring him in. I had to work today and hadn't much flexibility, so I wrote a note about all the things that were normal and abnormal, what medication he'd had when (and how much), I attached a print of this photograph, and I dropped him off. It's OK. They already know I'm a crazy cat lady.


He had an ingrown toenail. The vet called me to tell me it was caught so early there was really nothing to fixing him up, but that cats who get them tend to get them again, so if it's no bother, it's probably better to stay on the safe side and keep his claws trimmed. (He's so good about keeping them in when he plays that I'd recently decided to let them go. No more of that! Sorry, Mr Bun.)


Now he is home and seems none the worse for a trip he clearly wasn't enjoying at the time. All his front claws are trimmed way down - much further than I trim them myself - and there is the tiniest little itty bitty depression and what appears to be a minute scab in his affected paw pad. And he smells like he's been tumbled-dried with a dryer sheet, all fresh and springtime-y!

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Taken on September 2, 2007