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acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern 2010

Hi ! How was your New Year's Eve ?

Today I am going to put in practice a Welter tradition of every 6 months to post all the production of the year so far. Now I am definitely closing 2010 with all these acrylic on canvas production. If you think about , it is a small production, only 29 paintings , good , the way it must to be . I am even surprised because I remember that one year ago I promised to myself that would at least finish one painting every month , so it was supposed to have 12 paintings here now . Wow , what a prolific painter I became ! hahah!! They are posted in the same order they were produced, so you can observe my evolution , or total lack of it this year. As a matter of fact , i feel my work this year was much more focused then on the ealrly years , for some reason I returned to the kind of concentration I had on the years of 2000, 2001 and 2002. I left that intention of building a pictorial Mein Welt and starred to paint as an expression by itself. What is the nature of my work. So all those old crises and struggles are back. Good good good. This is what I need , a more focused work . Won't wonder the ones that liked in 2009 when I painted nice things , and I loved to paint those Mein Welt things, but this is the painting I am supposed to do. This is my destiny.

Well, I am producing a new book of paintings, photographs, drawings and poems to celebrate the Mein Welt years ( 2003-2009 and a bit of 2010 too ), and I don't know when it is going to get ready, is going to be the most beautiful book I can produce, I am very happy and exited about, even so I don't think a good idea people to buy , it is going to be very expensive, more than 300 dollars.

What a great year it was. 3 books , 29 paintings , countless photos , many drawings, many poems, tales , a novel......

This year was great because I met many people that were very important to my life , they became good friends and it is so rare to find. I was able to keep many friendships of other early years too. What ?!!! Is Caio able to keep friends ?!!! THIS is rare !! hahaha!! Thank you everyone that supported me in all the ways this past year ! You made all the difference in my life . This year was great to me because of the ones that stood by my side supporting. Thank you all.

I want to say thank you to all the art-blogs, art-sites and art-magazines that posted and published about my work , and it was many of then . All this came from countries as England , Austria, Brazil, Spain , Germany, Italy, Netherlands and many others. And sure, Unite Sates of America. I know it is a larger country with much more people so the probability's to have more attention from there is bigger. But it isn't an excuse , the way Americans ( from West, East, North and South ) made me feel and helped me is impossible to forget. Thank you.

This Year I lost my daughter Mindy , a sweet Siamese cat that spent the last 20 years by my side, she was a very important part of my life , many of the changes and decisions I took during this time was thinking about what she would feel. It was painful and very hard but I faced as a new beginning to me and now I am fine and happy for all the time we spent together and the fact we both are free for new destinies and new experiences for our souls.

This year the Lord blessed me a lot , if you doubt see how great my little humble life has been and all the happiness I have had at the end. Thank you Sir in the name of Jesus Christ, the only one I admire, follow or listen.

So now....... doesn't matter if this past year was good or not, it is over, let's make a 2011 even better, improving the work and the friendships ! LET'S START A NEW ERA !!!

See you !!!


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Taken on August 28, 2010