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85/365 mrs.26.10 - La cabane à sucre | by Normand Desjardins Café•Moka Personnel/Personal
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85/365 mrs.26.10 - La cabane à sucre

Great day of the year. :) Today we went to the "cabane à sucre" (sugar shack). It was a first for Florence because since we know that she is allergic to nuts we simply avoid any small places like these. Fortunately, we found one "cabane à sucre" that was safe.


The Sugar Shack is a kind of once a year ritual for many Québécois. It's a place where you test the capacity of your body to absorb sugar. ;-) Now, you all know that my capacity is 0 but I went anyway. :-S


For those wondering what the "cabane à sucre" is, here is the explanation. You might know that Québec - the country inside the borders of Canada ;-) - produce more than 70% of the maple syrup on this planet. So, once a year, on early spring, the maples deliver their sugared water that is boiled to produce maple syrup. With this delicacy, the cabane à sucre creates a real feast that looks like a huge canadian breakfast.


It all starts with a rich and thick pea soup with bread and "rillette". Then comes the eggs "soufflé" that you generously pour maple syrup on with, on the side, maple syrup beans, roasted potatoes, maple smoked bacon, maple smoked ham and "oreilles de christ" (christ ears - how bizarre I know) which are crispy pieces of roasted salted lard. For dessert there is pancakes with maple syrup and "grand-pères" (grandfathers)... those are balls of white cake dough cooked in boiling maple syrup. Simply deeeelicious. :) Not very healthy but... once a year... you know. This is a real rich in fat and sugar meal based on the traditional meal of the hard working woodcutters who built our country.


And to finish it all... the cherry on the sunday... so to speak : La tire d'érable (maple taffy). This is what you see on the left in the picture. It is maple syrup that you boil even more so it becomes really thick and sticky.. you then drop hot on a bed of fresh white snow where it hardens a little bit and then... you roll it on a stick and just lick it like a tender lollipop. I can't tell you how good and addictive it is. :)


If you ever come to Québec during March and April, you must pay a visit to a small cabane à sucre run by a family. It's a must.


So, no photography masterpiece today... just a good moment shared for the World to enjoy.


See you tomorrow Flickr's friends.


Now do you seriously think that I am going to show you my BG readings!?! :) Just joking. Actually, the day started well nonetheless.


BG : 6,1 - 6,7 - 7,3 (twice the usual dose of insulin required to get this) - 5,7 Yeah!!!

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Taken on March 26, 2010