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new zune | by caerphoto
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new zune

I never did get along with my 80GB iPod Classic - the clickwheel was very insensitive, and often refused to respond at all. The iPod also seems to have a memroy leak problem, where it slows down more and more, eventually requiring a reset.


Then, a few weeks back, I remembered the Zune. From reading reviews of it, the general consensus seems to be that it's better than the iPod Classic, so I figgered I might as well give it a go. Before ordering one I downloaded the Zune software to see how I'd get on.


The Zune software is... ok. I find it better than iTunes for playing music, but when using the big list view, scrolling is reeeaallly slow. No idea why. The podcasts thing also took a bit of fiddling around with to set up (not helped by the decidedly flaky internet connection I've had lately). Took about 5 hours to sync my 55GB of music!


It's all set up now and I have to say, the Zune device is much nicer to use than the iPod Classic. Scrolling through lists is much quicker, easier and more accurate, the big screen put to good use when displaying album art, and little touches like being able to go to the current artist's list of albums when in Shuffle All mode are nice.


The only thing I've found wanting from the iPod is a Composers list, although I could perhaps get around this using a playlist. Seems a bit of a faff though.


The Zune Marketplace (similar to the iTunes Music Store) isn't available in the UK yet, so I can't comment on that aspect of the package.


Oh and the earphones that come with the Zune are really quite nice - noise-blocking and pretty good sound. I use them for listening to podcasts, but prefer my Koss PortaPros for music.

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Taken on August 8, 2008