Treloan -:- A Campsite With A Difference
Treloan Coastal Holidays, Gerrans Cornwall UK
where the caravanserai arts project takes place.

Events & People, through the years - My photographic storybook of Treloan Coastal Holidays can be also followed on FACEBOOK,

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Athene & Tim, two of the 3 Daft Monkeys LIVE at the Treloan 2014 BIG FEAST

A Campsite With A Differance the Video

Singalong at A Treloan Fireside:
Firesides started in 2009 and have been going ever since..if you were there you would have heard wordsmith and host Mac Dunlop introduce the evening as follows

"To some, the word ‘caravan’ means the summer is here and the roads are clogged with visitors trailing their homes down the A30.

But for Caravanserai at Treloan, ‘caravan’ is used in its more historical meaning; that of a ‘company of people’ traveling along the ancient trade routes like the ‘Silk Road’ between Asia and Europe.

While a ‘caravanserai’ is a place where such ‘companies of people’ would meet – a shared place of exchange, rest and conviviality"
-Mac Dunlop-

...and that's what we do every weds evening throughout the summer - gathering at the fireside to share music, poetry, songs, stories and food

More info on Treloan/Caravanserai and Gerrans Portscatho can be found here:

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