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[Week 34] Last Days of Summer

Originally I was planning on posting all of my Interrail pictures before adding any other recent shots, but I feel that I need a short break from that for different reasons.


You might, or might not, have noticed that I haven't been sharing my pictures as much as I used to this summer, and that I have been really quiet (read: absent) in the last few months.

I had been writing on and researching for my Bachelor thesis, and didn't allow myself too much distraction from it. I occasionally dropped by and looked at what everyone else was up to, but that's about it, I didn't feel like staying here too long, because I instantly felt bad about spending my time on something else than my thesis. Ridiculous, I know :)


BUT I handed that damn thing in a few weeks ago. It left me exhausted, tired, and with the need to decompress. I felt like a zombie for the next week, but am fully recovered now. And I actually missed sharing photos and enjoying all the pictures on here.

But one chapter closes, and the next one begins. I received my final grades yesterday (I got a "good" grade), and am going to enroll for my Master studies. I am going to move out of my current flat (thank goodness!), am currently on the hunt for a new home and a new job. There are moments that I'm totally excited, and others where I'm freaked out and overwhelmed by all the things that still need to be done in the next 2 weeks. But I'm getting there. :)


This picture was taken about 3 weeks ago, a few days after I handed in that damned paper, and you can tell from it that I was still pretty worn out from the whole experience of stressful deadlines, few hours of sleep, and a million things on my mind. My room looked like a mess (huuuge understatement) flooded with loose papers, stacks of books, folders and plates with half-eaten food on it. Thank goodness N provided me with food and coffee the last week before the deadline :)

So I went out of town for the weekend to escape the mess and visited my family in the countryside. Still on writing schedule I woke up at 6am, couldn't fall back to sleep and decided to take a walk in the woods close to our house. I took my camera with me which I think I haven't really touched since the Interrail trip. In the middle of the forest there is a nature reserve, a huge swamp basically, which is totally dry and infested with mosquitos in the summer, and flooded during wintertime ( like this or this).

Although I lived there for 4 years and regularly came to visit, I never was lucky enough to see the heather blooming (I always just saw the wrinkled brown left-overs), and was even more pleasantly surprised and happy to see the blossoms thriving then. I shorthandedly decided to take a self-portrait because the colours and the early light of the rising sun where too beautiful to let this moment pass uncaptured, and because I felt like I had reached an important point in my life which I wanted to document. And somehow I managed to get a pretty decent shot even though I didn't have a tripod or a cable remote with me.


To many many more shared pictures and thoughts. I'm looking forward to participating more in this again and seeing you around.


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Taken on August 25, 2012