Emma X Kenny, BD 7-29-15
Litter 4. This is the first time Kenny has been used as the stud dog for Emma. We are excited to see how this “combination” turns out.

I am still not home; recovering from yet another back surgery July 16. I plan on coming home Tuesday come hell or high water!
WONDERFUL Paul is caring for my home and dogs and now for “you”, so be nice to him. He is doing his best to get the current information to you. The following
Details were sent from Diane who delivered the babies, virtually alone, and on their due date, July 29th. She deserves your praise and lots of kudos for doing not only an amazing job all alone with the whelping, but also with the great story, photos, and emails.
Sorry these are a few days late but it hasn't been easy trying to arrange everything and instruct Paul as to what I needed done. As with Diane, if it weren't for Paul, you would not be receiving anything until I got home so he, like Diane, deserves praise, and many thanks for functioning above and beyond without me.

Geese, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm needed!

THE STORY OF THE BIRTH (written by Diane)
It was an exciting time with Emma's delivery. She gave me No notice. All of a sudden there was a puppy. She promptly released him from the membrane, cleaned him up, worked on the umbilical cord, and we waited together for the placenta. There wasn't a minute to spare. She delivered four puppies in 30-minute intervals. Then she rested for two hours and we delivered the last Blenheim. That's the more normal break between puppies, can be up to four hours between, But, as Patti says "Emma must really love you to deliver so quickly and during daylight hours!" Puppies always seem to come in the middle of the night. So we have two tri-colored males, 2 Blenheim (red and white) males and one female Blenheim. They are very healthy, flawless, and growing by the hour.

My favorite color-way in Cavaliers is obvious; I have three tri-colors. Every time I tell Patti I am keeping another tricolor, she says "are you sure?" You should have a Blenheim. I am hopeless when it comes to tri-colors.
The markings on these puppies are pretty exciting. They are going to be absolutely beautiful. Emma is a showstopper and so is the puppy’s papa “Kenny”, so we shouldn’t be surprised. The pups are absolutely gorgeous, and the sweetest personalities you could ask for; they are very soulful.

Emma is feeling pretty good these days as she is a very proud mother. She stays very close to her babies, but takes the time to go out to the yard and take care of "business". She has never made a mistake in the house; not ever! She fiercely defends the puppy pen. All my girls want to see the babies, but she will not let them near the pen. What she does, and I think it is a riot, is she gathers up all my shoes and my dogs favorite toys and brings them to her pen. She doesn't chew, she just
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