New Kodak Portra400 vs Fuji Pro 400H

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    1. 12th St David 53 months ago | reply

      Thanks so much for doing this! The low light results are really impressive! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some of that new Portra!

    2. leitzian 44 months ago | reply

      Two different cameras !

      I don't think that test shows anything but that you used two different cameras
      of which the left one is not as sharp and contrasty as the right one.
      A little camera info would help there.
      Pretty useless as it is.

    3. The Brothers Wright 44 months ago | reply

      You are a bit confused my friend. I think you completely missed the point of this comparison. It's a film test, not a lens test. The lenses are comparable, both 80mm 2.8 Planar lenses on 6x6.
      Contrast on underexposed film has noting to do with the lens, but exposure. All of the scans were made for optimal dynamic range and color. Camera info is what IS useless in this comparison. Underexpose these films the same amount with any camera/lens combo you like, it will not change the performance of the film. If you want more info, read the original post on the blog. There is a link provided.

    4. andrewbasterfield 39 months ago | reply

      Doesn't seem there is much point carrying a meter when you have loaded Portra 400

    5. jojonas~ 31 months ago | reply

      this was a killer review! I've been looking for some iso400 120-film for a trip to paris and I was choosing between these two films. now I know portra would be right~

      seeing where you are at now. how do you prefer to expose it in daylight or evening/indoors?

    6. The Brothers Wright 31 months ago | reply

      In daylight we expose it accurately at 400 to over to stops depending on the light. Indoors we do the same but rate it at 160.

    7. jojonas~ 31 months ago | reply

      ok, thanks!

    8. Foooootooooos 20 months ago | reply

      Thank you very much for this sample test. I just got hold of a Rolleicord which I want to use for some indoors photography. This material seems pretty convincing that modern film is almost as flexible as my DSLR!

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