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    Overall view of my desk. It's about 10.5 ft long (front to back) and 8 ft wide (not including the bookcase on the right).

    Updated 27-Oct-2008 showing new laptop arrangement. These are all candid shots; I didn't clean up before taking them.

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    1. mitch haile 80 months ago | reply

      The 6 monitors in the back are 1 computer (Mac Pro w/ 3 video cards), the 2 in the front are 1 computer (iMac + 24"). Pictures of the details are elsewhere in my office set.

    2. Raw World 80 months ago | reply

      Amazing *.*

    3. Jerimias Quadil 80 months ago | reply

      One comment.....................Envy! ; - )

      Cheers mate!

    4. Miles Cave 80 months ago | reply

      Wow, impressive. Definitely got those screens to match!

    5. mobatalk 80 months ago | reply

      Well shoot, now my office looks all ghetto compared to yours.

    6. Alan Rothberg 80 months ago | reply

      I like the equipment, but the office itself seems rather cold and impersonal. Too serious, doesn't seem to say anything about you... of course, you may be a very serious person :)

    7. mitch haile 80 months ago | reply

      Yeah, a lot of my artwork is 24 x 36 (32 x 44 framed?) and I just don't have the wall space for it in this room--one of the downsides to an attic office where ceiling spaces greatly out-measures the wall space. I do have 7 smaller pictures hanging up around the room, and a few free-standing things as well. I'm sure it will be more "homey" after I've been in it for a while--it's only been 5 months and I've been swamped in that time.

      On the other hand, I designed all of it with the help from my GC and a realtor friend. The colors, the electrical, the floor, the doors are a reflection of me and my taste (or lack thereof). Maybe that gives it a bit more of a personal feel in the interim.

      I do want to get some Karastan rugs at some point... but I've been pretending this for years.

    8. TranceMist 80 months ago | reply

      All those monitors and you only display text on them? :)

    9. mitch haile 80 months ago | reply

      Yep, all text, all the time.

    10. sybrgst 80 months ago | reply

      It rubs the lotion on its skin.

    11. compubomb 79 months ago | reply

      This is just funny as heck, guy has massive number of monitors and he has what looks like a $200 chair you buy at Costco. That is like buying a Porche and putting 20 dollar Wal-Mart tires on it.

    12. mitch haile 79 months ago | reply

      No, I don't use TextMate. I've tried it before, but I'm just too used to vi and BBedit.

      The chair was $140, actually. :-) I'll get around to a new chair, some day. Did you notice the speaker stands are cardboard boxes (in another shot)? The chair is comfortable "enough" for now.

    13. ToyKeeper 79 months ago | reply

      Nice setup, but I have to wonder... Why not go with virtual desktops instead of physical screens? I mean, assuming you're human, you can only see two or three screens at a time. So the question is a matter of interface... how you control which screens you're looking at.

      I ask because I tend to keep a lot of stuff open, and it works well for me. At the moment I have 363 windows open on 37 virtual desktops, viewed on two physical screens.

      When I want to change what I'm looking at, I press a button or two. It looks like your preferred UI is to move your head and your chair instead.

      So, have you tried the virtual desktop approach? What did you find lacking?

    14. mitch haile 79 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I've done virtual desktops heavily in the past. I still do use them to a degree on some of my test gear (certainly I use virtual consoles on Linux heavily & virtual X11 desktops on test boxes w/ a GUI), but I generally do not use Spaces on the 6 monitor set-up. Sometimes I do, but not often. When I was working on Windows for a while, I played with some virtual desktop hacks out there; even the MS-supplied one is garbage (MSVMM?).

      Mostly I need concurrency in what I am seeing. Watching cascading crashing, seeing a few gdb sessions + code, etc. Virtual desktops don't solve the concurrent viewing. When I don't need concurrent viewing, I use tabbed terminals quite a bit.

      The 6 monitors are my primary work, the other desk with 3 displays is for reports, bug triage, email, PowerPoint--all the annoying distracting crap that I want to ignore when I am coding/debugging--the physical desk is split intentionally for that reason. If I am sitting at the front (in this picture) desk, I am not coding. The papers on that desk relate to invoices or schedules, not stack traces or bug lists. I literally print out my bug "to do"s and check them off on a clipboard during crunch time.

      I should also point out that while I _can_ work on a single 17" box with 8 or so virtual desktops (and have done so), it really sucks. This lets me get through the bugs and issues a lot faster with less pain. And the way I look at it, debugging is painful enough as it is--there's no reason not to add as much hardware to ease the pain where possible.

    15. reRESERVEDFX [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

      Did you like sell your family for medical experiments? :D Amazing!

    16. mitch haile 78 months ago | reply

      Nah, just some software. :-)

    17. Ian Martin Adams 70 months ago | reply

      whats your electricity bill like.. my parents (im 16) complain at me and ive got laptop tv ps3!!! lol nice setup.. getting a macbook pro soon so ill catch you up one day.. lol

    18. mlhradio 40 months ago | reply

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