Tobin's First Prize Center, Albany NY
Tobin's First Prize Center sits just off I-90 Exit 5 on the border between Albany NY and Colonie, the massive sign visible from the highway (and from Google Maps, where the shadow is readable). Built in the 1920's under the Albany Packing Company, the facility closed in 1981.

The 32-acre property employed 600 when it closed and packed 50,000 hot dogs daily among other products. It even had on-site slaughtering facilities. John Morrell and Company now own the brand and continue to produce hot dogs under the Tobin's First Prize moniker to this day.

Currently, there's a push to sell the property for a shopping center or big-box store at a price of $5,000,000. Several such projects have stalled, and the grounds remain mostly vacant. Inside, the building is fairly empty; some rooms were too dark for us to explore, while others held surprises like a cache of toys. Mostly, it looks like this place is ready for demolition.

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