3/365 - I love my pompom scarf.

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okay, i'm super sorry for this. the sun was so bright and glaring and everything was overexposing and I just really wasn't feeling day 3, plus I was in quite a rush too. however, i've decided that to succeed at this project i need to let go of my perfectionism and just accept that some days will be bad.

yesterday we went to a wedding which was fun, I love weddings. now i really want to marry james like RIGHT NOW but instead we have to do uni first. ach :(

I hoped i'd have more to write in these description thingys, but apparently not. :(
Back at college tommorow, so Day Five could be super crappy. Day Four however, which I am taking today... i will make a big effort with.

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  1. spiffy line [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

    snap @ the scarf!
    This is so pretty.

  2. neighborly yard [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

    I love the colours in this photo. Great job. (:

  3. remarkable cows [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

    Im back at college tomorrow as well =/

    Wow i actually love your scarf, where did you get it? so many pretty colours :D

    Did you take any photos at the wedding?

  4. leslie*thomson 103 months ago | reply

    me too....i love your expression in this, so wistful~

  5. Jennetta Petch 103 months ago | reply

    I love your scarf, I wish I had one like that!

  6. LaneyButler 103 months ago | reply

    Cool scarf! Gorgeous shot of you!

  7. Mikko Lagerstedt 103 months ago | reply

    Very cute indeed, great portrait! :)

  8. cacahuete_sr 103 months ago | reply

    365ing can be very frustrating for all of us perfectionists :). this is lovely though, the soft focus and the emotion creates uncertainty. the color composition is great. even though you may not like it, it probably conveyed just what you were feeling and letting true emotion show makes for a beautiful portrait :)

  9. LivyAnn 103 months ago | reply

    i think it's really good. i love your scarf!

  10. Saaty Photography 103 months ago | reply

    Awesome scarf. I love the tones and composition. Great work!

  11. hamdiphotos 103 months ago | reply

    Bad? What is this bad-ness you speak of? I really, really like this. Well done!

  12. Lisa Askew 103 months ago | reply

    Wow thats one amazing scarf xD

  13. aquatic reason [deleted] 103 months ago | reply

    that's a cool scarf :) I love your necklace too!

  14. 唐文静 103 months ago | reply

    新年快乐,,happy new year

  15. mi amor es mío 103 months ago | reply

    aaaaww that scarf's lovely :D
    and don't worry about the picture, i love it! light's beautiful and nothing's overexposed, not at all.
    bokeh looks lige magic :)

  16. mi amor es mío 103 months ago | reply

    aaaaww that scarf's lovely :D
    and don't worry about the picture, i love it! light is beautiful and nothing's overexposed, not at all.
    bokeh looks like magic :)

  17. the beauty is in the detail . . . 100 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called For the Love of Pom Poms . . ., and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  18. ™ goraiapick ™ 92 months ago | reply

    immense beauty !!!

  19. ™ goraiapick ™ 92 months ago | reply

    HPM invitation

  20. flowery carpenter [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

    that is the prettiest scarf EVER! <3

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