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"Man Over Board"

So there we were, sailing around in Wassaw Sound on the Camelot. Like a trapped whale, back and forth, to and fro.

Captain Bligh (aka Captain Steve) had been relentless all morning long. "Stand by to come about!", "Let go the sheet!" "Crank the winch!", "Tighter!", "Tighter!"

The four of us swabbys were getting better and better. Everyone was learning their stations.

I had been instigating a mutiny all morning. I was for anchoring and drinking. The Captain was for more tacking. I relented but only under silent protest, planting seeds of sandy beaches and cool swims in the minds of the crew at every chance.

Finally after hours of cruel punishment and abuse the Captains seemed to be ready to relent. We had just tacked and settled into a good run. Everyone had drinks in hand anticipating a well deserved rest. I grabbed my beer and a seat high up on the rear of the center cockpit. At that very moment, before even one swig of the frothy brew, wham! The wind grabs my little light woven hat and sends it into the drink. I didn't even have to to say "Fuck!" when I heard the Captains roar, "Stand by to come about!"

I shit you not ! It was like a well oiled machine. Everyone hit their stations, the Captain spun the wheel hard into the wind. The Genoa, ready to spring across the deck, was released. The Boat made its turn and just as soon as the sheet was locked into the winch I sprang forward to the bow and spotted the hat. In the amount of time that it took me to grab the boat hook and dip it into the sea the hat was above the hook, grabbed, on my head and I heard it again, "Stand by to come about!" We did. And in the course of less than five minutes the boat was back on track in its original course.

It was a true thing of beauty. The "MOB" maneuver could not have been more perfect if we had tried. The Captain once again showed us why he was the Captain. LOL :)


So my poor hat after a few days was rusting in spots from the salt water adventure. I had to sew on a new hat band.

ON-ON !!! - Captain Butch, S/Y Anole


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Taken on May 22, 2010