Misc. Buses For Sale
If you're looking for something we don't have, let us know what your looking for.

We primarily collect original seated buses, though occasionally we do have an assortment of Conversions to simply some with no interiors ready for conversion or other restoration.

$7,500 1939 Yellow Coach 743

$8K 1940 Yellow Coach PDG3701-150

$11K 1947 GM PDA3702

$9K 1948 GM PDA4101

$10K 1948 Kenworth KW1

$9,500 1951 GM PDA4103

$11K 1951 Marmon-Herrington

$14K 1953 GM PD4104

$8K 1957 GM TDH4512-2406

$9K 1958 GM TDM4515-271

$20K 1959 FORD Hose Truck

$10,500 1965 Flxible VL100

$15K 1966 GMC TDH5303-4767

$12K 1969 MCI MC-7

$7K 1973 MCI MC-7 Conversion

$7K 1973 GMC TDH3302A

$6K 1973 GMC T6H5305A

$11K 1975 GMC S8H5304A-148

$19K 1979 GMC H8H649-068

$18K 1979 MCI MC-5C S14145

$15K 1980 MCI MC-5C S14778

$30K 1987 Kenworth K100
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