Alien Rocks at Nowhere 2008
Here we go, the infamous alien detection and monitoring station, also known as alien transceiver or alien rocks.

At least as in the popular interpretation at Nowhere 2008, boosted up by an article by Cara published on the Nowhere Herald.

In my original setting, the rocks were meant to creat a Magnetic Dream Field, mapped on the shape of the Nowhere constellation. The magnetic field, strong enough to cover the entire Valley of Nowhere, acted as a dream-catcher, catching the dreams of the inhabitants of Nowhere, so that they will be released whenever the alignment with the constellation would happen, to make everybody's dreams come true.

But, for some reasons, the rocks also acted as Alien station - sweet... =)

NOTE: Not all the pictures in this set are mine - some are Cara's, and some from other co-citizens of Nowhere - thanks for your nice shots to my silver rocks!
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