MacBook pro with all applications open in Expose!

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    This is why the mac rocks! My macbook pro 2.2Ghz was working smoothly even after opening all the Applications in the application folder and utilities folder. There are about more than 150 Applications open right now in expose.

    4GB ram

    All the apps were launched at the same time. Not one-by-one

    Uploaded with plasq's Skitch

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    1. Mighty June 74 months ago | reply

      I like my MacBook Pro and all, but wow.

      Calm yourself down, über nerds.

      (Am I the only female commenting on this pic? Huh.)

    2. avlxyz 74 months ago | reply

      That's just crazy :)
      Shows off the impressive memory management of the Mac OS X.
      -- (?)

    3. swills 74 months ago | reply

      Just because, I did the same thing, check my pics.

    4. jurassicboy 74 months ago | reply

      Very impressive!!! ^^

    5. @yakobusan Jakob Montrasio 孟亚柯 74 months ago | reply

      Sweet Jesus, that's awesome.
      Once an Apple, always an Apple.

    6. JUST!N 74 months ago | reply

      Why isnt firefox running?

    7. johnantoni 74 months ago | reply

      i don't even think i've got 150 apps ;-)

    8. From Eye To Pixel 74 months ago | reply

      WOAW :) Vive Macbook Pro ;)

    9. uberfu 74 months ago | reply

      WTF Ever!

      Load up some real Apps that actually require system resources and NOT the mini bitty Apps that come native w/ OSX_

      Crank up the Adobe master Colelction and the Final Cut Studio Suite_

      Preview and TextEdit and Activity Monitor don't count_

      Get a life - your 15 minutes of fame are over!

    10. uberfu 74 months ago | reply

      Have the Adobe or Final Cut Suite of Apps running and then come tell us that your system resources are not suffering and that everything is still smooth_

      Also - since I assume some of what you are counting are probably "background" Apps - why not provide the rest of us that you are trying to impress with an actual LIST OF APPS you have running - oh exuberant one!

    11. Renan_Birck [deleted] 74 months ago | reply

      Just to ask:


    12. jordansawatzky 74 months ago | reply

      I want to know how big the display was, because imagine doing that on anything smaller than a 20".

    13. klxz79 74 months ago | reply

      Here's VIDEO of Vista running over 100+ programs smoothly.

    14. Florian Eckerstorfer 74 months ago | reply

      yeah, and how about starting windows with fusion and running all your windows apps in unity mode. that would be the killer-mac argument ;)

    15. Chris Fam 73 months ago | reply

      I used to play the same way when I got my Titanium PowerBook G4 867MHz with 768MB RAM running Panther, it was smooth too. Mac OS X rocks all the way!

    16. S.Y.A.F 54 months ago | reply


      mac rooooocks

      >>> a new converted to mac
      since yesterday LOL

    17. chenxiaoqino 54 months ago | reply

      aha, you didn't run parallels or vmware.

      There're some screenshot of a windows system with 100 or more apps opened. Can you run 100 (or maybe 50, 30 or even fewer) apps in parallels desktop and take a snapshot with other 149 mac apps? Then it must be amazing one.

    18. JUST!N 53 months ago | reply

      Why isn't firefox open? lol

    19. qwerthyjk, 26 months ago | reply

      are you kidding me? ooooh whoopty doo, you ran all stock apps at once. yeah you're a real powerhouse man. Chess? oh snap i can't believe it wasn't on fire. stupidest pic i have ever seen

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