Ryan Mathern: Immolation 11/10/2012
These photos are from an Art on the Atlanta Beltline event held on Saturday, November 10, 2012 near the Old Fourth Ward Skatepark.

Here is the official description:
An interpretive view of recent self-immolations acted out by Tibetan Monks as a courageous protest against the massive crackdown and longtime oppression by Communist China. The performance includes 3-4 dancers exhibiting a response to this human condition caused by suppression of one’s being and spiritual rights. The intent is to promote awareness of the severity and realism of the situation.

A wooden sculpture was set afire in tribute to the Tibetan Monks who have self-immolated. While the it burned, monks read off the names and ages of some of the monks who have sacrificed themselves in the name of Tibetan freedom from China. Male and female monks from young to old have made this sacrifice. 52 people in 2012 alone wrapped themselves in fire and urged the Chinese government to:
* Allow the Dalai Lama to return to Tibet
* Give freedom to the Tibetan people
* Let Tibetan people live in happiness

The monks urge people to write your Representatives and urge them to cosponsor House Resolution 609 and put pressure on the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan issue.

It was a dramatic artistic endeavor that was emotional and moving.

All photos by John E. Ramspott
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