Richard Misrach at the High Museum 6/7/2012
Photographer Richard Misrach presented a lecture at the Rich Theater inside the Woodruff Arts Center on Thursday, June 7, 2012. Afterwards, ticket holders got a chance to see his large prints from his Cancer Alley series on display at the High Museum. The prints on display are enormous but of very high quality, having been shot mostly with an 8x10 camera.

Misrach's presentation spanned his career, but the focus was on the Cancer Alley series, an area of the southeast with a lot of petrochemical processing plants polluting the Mississippi River and other bodies of water. Despite how dangerous these things are, the pictures are oddly beautiful.

He also presented images from his book "Destroy This Memory", which are pictures from New Orleans and Mississippi coast after Katrina came through.

The show at the High Museum is very much worth seeing. If you pre-order his new "Petrochemical America" book from the High gift shop, they will ship you a signed copy when it comes out sometime in July.

All photos by John E. Ramspott
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