Alex-Kidd - Fan-Art #2

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    Here's number two!

    This is possibly a bit too obscure for most people. Videogames are going to play a big part in these fan-arts, they're as much to blame for my complacency as they are to blame for my creativity and inspiration. I've played them since I can remember and Alex Kidd was one of my first memories of that - best part was it came free, built into the Sega Master System - how convenient is that?

    I always thought this Alex guy was a bit of a dick. Part of the game involved playing Rock, Paper, Scissors against guys that literally had hands for heads. Obviously, this was all they lived for - I mean they had hands for heads, what else could they accomplish in life other than winning Rock, Paper, Scissors? Opening massive cans of beans for arm-less giants maybe?

    Alex, some little dude with freakish powers of appendage embiggenment and killer burns would come along on his hyper-cool motorbike and beat them at their own game, thus KILLING THEM. What a creep!

    As I said last week, I want to experiment often, so this week I decided to try a traditional comic feel. I'm planning on making my own comics at some point and I'm happy with this as proof I could maybe do it.

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    1. Church of Josh 50 months ago | reply

      Brilliant once again James!

    2. VLCERS 50 months ago | reply

      My days! Amazing man.

    3. Burlisaurus 50 months ago | reply

      Cheers Brosephs!

    4. 50 months ago | reply

      Haha, serious nostalgia, they were the days!!

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