9/52 Uber Lens - NIKON 80-200mm

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Wow see all the details! Large on black

First of all, HBW everyone. (Happy bokeh Wednesday for peeps from the outside haha)

I want to present you to the new baby of the family. My brand new NIKON 80-200mm f/2.8. It's a really nice piece of equipment and it is built like a tank! You get what you pay for! I will mostly use this lens to take action shot this summer for our soccer club. Can't wait to try it!

To make this bokeh festival, I used foil that I scrunched a bit. I pointed a flash on it and TADA! Also, you need to use to lowest F stop possible to have the biggest Bokeh.

To make the beautiful bluish color, I used a Full CTO gel on the flash pointing my UBER lens. I set the white balance on my camera to manual and a value of 2950. So, the light of the flash that is pointing to the foil and that it doesn't have a gel becomes blue.

I'll post another version of the shot tomorrow (without bokeh :P )

Here's the strobist info :
- NIKON D80 ~ ISO 100 ~ 1/250 sec ~ f/1.8
- SB-24 pointing at the lens with shoot-trough umbrella @1/16 ~ Full CTO gel ~ Snooted ~ 85mm
- SB-600 pointing at the foil ~ 1/64 ~ 85mm

P.S This is almost SOOC. I just cropped the picture.

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  1. eisha_romeo_4 (catching up) 59 months ago | reply

    congratz on your nrw lens!

  2. joeysoliver 59 months ago | reply

    great read. thanks for sharing

  3. NSHabsfan4life 59 months ago | reply

    Great job and congrats on the new addition ... isnt it nice to grow your camera family in one way or another ? Im a Canon user and recently purchaced a 70-200 2.8 and boy am i happy i did ! Have fun !

  4. joeysoliver 59 months ago | reply

    on the subject habsfan. i shoot a d100 and am in market for a body upgrade. someone today just told me to buy lenses and forget about upgrading my body. any take on this. great image also burgtender

  5. NSHabsfan4life 59 months ago | reply

    its true that good glass is essential for good images ... no point in buying a top-end cam if you are only going to use one stock lens imo. It all depends on the function for what lens i decide to use anyway.

  6. titter85 59 months ago | reply

    nice bokeh background :) what have you used for that?

  7. [Adam Baker] 59 months ago | reply

    Now that's a nice bit of kit! Congrats!
    And thanks for sharing the setup!

  8. BurgTender 59 months ago | reply

    @ Everyone : Thanks for the kind comments

    @ : I agree with habsfan4life. There's no point upgrading your body if you'll use the stock lens. You'll see a difference with better lens even with your current body. Trust me, I saw one with my 80-200 :)

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  9. joeysoliver 59 months ago | reply

    thanks fellas. im not using stock lenses. just feel like the d100 is slow and old. im watching the d300 and wishing for a 700.

  10. Bruce Wayne Photography (Formerly darth_bayne) 59 months ago | reply

    Congrats on getting the new lens and great shot, the bokeh is killer!

  11. Parkinson Sniper 58 months ago | reply

    hey come oon...upload new ones!!! heyyyyyy!!!

  12. © H.G.M. Photography [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

    Wow !! Stunning bokeh !
    Have a great day and take care.

  13. Briarah - aka Tina 56 months ago | reply

    Stunning bokeh Mr B. Tender! Glad to see you back around!! I just recently upgraded my camera and got a Canon 18-200mm f/3.5 with it. LOVE it! But I need to build some muscles to lug it around!! Yours is a nice piece.....for a Nikon ;-D

  14. art©ore 56 months ago | reply

    Superb motive, of course :), fantastic close-up shot... details and textures really pop out! The wonderful blue bokeh of flares is additional bonus to already excellent shot.

  15. Criss Lost In Space 53 months ago | reply

    Beautifuuuul background..

  16. 100-yearstolive 44 months ago | reply

    Great shot! Thank you for posting. Please consider joining the group too!

  17. Arne Kuilman 38 months ago | reply

    Cool bokeh works well here!

  18. toyotafreak88 24 months ago | reply

    awesome shot! I like my copy of this lens, it tends to backfocus on my d90 a bit, but I still love that I paid $500 for it instead of $1200 for a new one or used VR.

    I'm going to try and replicate what you've done here, I love the effect and I just got some gels... excited!

  19. EMM@NNuelll_ 21 months ago | reply

    !!!SEXY!!! (♥)

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